If it’s your first time attending Reality, welcome! We are looking forward to meeting you. You’ll want to show up a few minutes early. This will allow you to get registered, checked in, and find your classroom(s). Classes open up 15 minutes before the start of the gathering. Gatherings last about 2 hours. A small snack is served during Sunday School. Please notify the teacher if your child requires gluten free snacks.

    Our class/age breakdowns are as follows:

    • Infants (babies who are not yet walking)
    • Toddlers (walkers under the age of 2)
    • 2 Year Olds
    • 3 Year Olds
    • 4 Year Olds
    • 5 Years/Kindergarten
    • 1st Grade
    • 2nd/3rd Grade
    • 4th/5th Grade

    *We ask that you please check your child into the correct age group