Next Sunday's Gathering: 10:00 AM @ 5315 Foothill Road x

June 20, 2020

    Beloved Reality Carpinteria,

    What a season God has us in together, and yet He has been our faithful Shepherd through it all. Thank you for being prayerful and patient with us as a leadership as we’ve sought to discern how God would have us navigate this pandemic together.

    We are happy to announce we have a few exciting dates for you! We will be having our first in-person prayer meeting this coming Thursday, June 25th at the church, at 7:00 PM. We had hoped to gather in an open outdoor space to make it more inviting and easier for families and those with health concerns, but we’ve been unable to gain access to an appropriate space. Please come with a face mask and prepared to honor social distancing.

    In addition to providing online Sunday Worship Guides (for adults and kids) each week, we will be resuming in-person Sunday gatherings, beginning Sunday, July 5. Details on times and location will be coming very soon. We’re still looking into a few options. In this season, gatherings will look different than in the past, but we are so thankful we can meet in person soon.

    We know this is a difficult season and will continue to be so, particularly for those with children or those who need to be cautious with their health. We will continue to provide online ministry opportunities for those who cannot meet in person. We’re also considering new ways for the church to gather both online and in-person. We want to be flexible and helpful to you in this season, so please keep in touch and let us know any ways we can better serve you!

    We miss you and love you dearly. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus together in this season, the only one who does not change and is our hope! We look forward to seeing you soon!

    With love, the Staff and Elders