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This is Reality

    Who we are and what we do as Reality can best be understood through the paradigm of Theological, Missional, Relational. In the three sermons below we explain what each of these means and how they shape and inform who we are and what we do.


    Who is this about? The church must base what it is and does, both in general and in particular, on who God is. The needs of people and the currents of culture are important and are the context for mission, but they do not primarily shape and inform who and what the church is. In this teaching Pastor Britt explains how we pursue God, and how His nature is imaged in everything we do as a local church.

    What are we doing? To be missional is to be aware of and concerned about what God is doing in the world around us, and to endeavor to be directly and daily involved in that. Mission is not to be seen as merely an activity of the church, but rather an attribute of God. All mission is God’s mission and we are invited into that mission. How we are missional as a church is explained in this teaching.

    How are we doing it? God exists as a loving community. Part of what it means to be created in the image of God is that we are made for relationship and community. As the church, we are to be intentional about loving God and loving others in a way that exposes and explains to the world who God is. When we love God rightly, we get our identity and self-worth from His love. When that happens we are able to rightly love others and give ourselves away to the world in acts of love. Here Pastor Britt explains the relational implications of Christianity and the church.